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About Digital Art / Student Official Beta Tester for a bit ;>United States Groups :iconzceesin: Zceesin
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I am Kiingsley.
I prefer to keep my full identity private and shared only with close friends, sorry! However, because of this, you can refer to me as anything you'd like :3c
The only pronouns I wish for you not to call me are those made up "ze/xe, zer/xer" bullshit things, kay? (Offended? Great! Get off my page! I don't get offended by stupid things, and neither should you!)

I am old enough to draw porn, and not the bad, cringey kind either. I mean the good kind, the kind that'll make you hard on the spot >:'> No worries, right? Right?!
I do all sorts of art, including traditional, digital: pixel, lined, and some painting. I used to write a lot, so I'm decent at it. This doesn't mean you can ask me for requests or shit, because I don't do requests often >:'> So don't ask or I'll fucking fight you!
I love meeting new people, so please don't be shy! Good conversation starters for me include memes, CCCats/Plant-Fu, and abs/hot men. :3c I legit spend most of my day just staring at abs :V I swear it's for anatomical purposes...

I am most comfy with drawing naked men, gay stuff, and anything alike. I'm still working on my female anatomy :'>
I don't do too much feral art anymore, and I'm not going to in the near future. Sorry!
I draw a bit of NSFW so be prepared!!

I love animals, mostly dogs, though. I'm not a big bug fan, or anything really arachnid-y :'V I do love reptiles though! Basically if its scaly, fuzzy, or feathery, I love it. So please show me all your pets!!! No sad stories, though, please. I just had to put my best friend forever down on February 13th :'>

Also, memes. I am a meme expert. Don't send me any normie memes in which I've probably seen 12 times over. I love the shooting stars meme, and any of the lazytown memes, and so on. Meme me up.


Hi! I'm Marcilki, Kiingsley's Zceesin 'sona. I'm the mascot here! This page is my home. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do!

does anyone know how to work the music player widget thing for pages 

No deviants said if so please help me because i'm lost as fuuuck


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